Internal Stables

Redweld Internal Stables are built using the same heavy-duty materials as the doors. The internal stables consist of a modular system which is erected inside an existing shed or in a new purpose-built barn.

Starting in one corner of the building, a stable front and then a divider are erected, using the rear and returning walls to form the other two sides of the cubicle. From there additional fronts and dividers are added to form more stables. When installed the result is extremely sturdy and robust.

Standard internal stable sizes include:

  • 12′ front x 12′ divider
  • 10′ front x 10′ divider
  • 10′ front x 12′ divider
  • Custom sizes are available on request.

Divider types can be mixed and matched at design stage, to allow for privacy (full plastic infill) between neighbouring stalls, or company (bars on top) as required.

The stable fronts can optionally come with swivel feeders or hayracks pre-installed.

The entire setup can be disassembled if necessary at a later date if you want to move stables from one location to another.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to do a design to suit