Equine Feeding Barriers

Our Equine Feeding Barriers are specially designed to feed up to seven horses simultaneously. The design options offer either fully hinged or fixed-position barriers.

Manufactured using heavy-duty steel which is precision welded and hot-dip galvanised, the lower section is fitted with recycled plastic tongue and groove infill boards, to prevent injury at low level.

Designed to fit between standard agricultural shed steel stanchions at 15’9″ centres, although custom sizes are available, the feeding barrier allows you to utilise your barn space differently for wintering in a multi-horse environment.

The separation of the dividing sections is perfect for yearlings and foals to have ample room to feed without tension or distraction from other occupants. Clients who have used this system report that their horses responded very well to the concept and quickly became used to feeding in this manner without fights or injury.

The entire barrier can be opened out to allow for a machine to be driven in for mucking out. Similarly, an extra hinged door can be added at one end to allow for easy pedestrian access and egress for both horses and stablehands.

The spacing between the dividing bars is small enough not to be a threat to foals. The advantage of this system is that feed is placed on the outside, minimising wastage, controlling equal distribution and speeding up the time investment each day.