Redweld Back-to-Back Stable Blocks

Back-to-back stable blocks are cost effective as a standalone external multi-stable solution. They are constructed on a level concrete slab and are laid out in a modular format in pairs adjoining the next pair.

The cost saving on this design is that each back-to-back pair share a rear divider in common. The design is scalable, so the only limit to the number of stables you can build is the available footprint of land itself.

When the stables are built, we install an apex roof over the whole building. We allow an extra 1200 mm width along each side of the building to provide for a footpath, and extend the roof eaves over this space to create a sheltered walkway.

The choice of internal divider can vary from full plastic infill, to half plastic/half bars (upper section). Similarly, the stable fronts come with bars on the upper section, or full plastic infill.

All doors are sliding with inbuilt antiweave, and there is plenty air movement in the building as the roof is at a sufficient height to allow airflow.

Clear polycarbonate panels along set intervals in the roof cladding allow sufficient light through to the stables, and allow UV to penetrate, which is an important anti-bacterial resource.

The internal side of the roof cladding comes with a non-drip surface as standard. Gutters and downpipe fitted along both sides of the building are fed to soak-aways or drains.

Redwled Stables offer a full design and build service including groundworks, drainage, concrete works, stable manufacture and installation, roofing, cladding and guttering. This service minimises the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors on the project and ensures a more cost-effective and timely delivery of your new stable block.

We offer a full 3D design service, so you can see how your project will look ever before a sod is turned.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and we will design a custom solution for you.