Redweld American Barns

Redweld Stables offer a turnkey design and build service for the construction of American Barns.

From the initial consultation, to the 3D design, right through all the construction phases to completion and handover, Redweld Stables provide all the required services and project management to ensure a cost-effective and timely delivery of a high quality product.

Our American Barns are custom designed to suit individual requirements and feature a number of innovative developments which will enhance the experience of the horses and the owners for years to come.

The internal stables are built to standard or custom sizes, as required. Tack rooms, feed rooms and internal washbays can be incorporated.

We purpose-designed a high capacity galvanised steel drainage unit which runs with a discrete opening along the centre line of the main passageway, ensuring hassle-free drainage for every day use. This channel can be easily cleaned out.

Optional roller shutter doors at each end of the barn will allow for clear access. If preferred,  sliding gable doors are also available.

The barns are designed to allow plenty of light and air through the building, with ample space to bring machinery in along the passageway for mucking out