Hayracks & Swivel Feeders

The Redweld Hayrack is an optional extra available when ordering stable fronts. They are designed to be fitted in the corner of a stable, attaching to the stable front and the corresponding divider.

A section of the stable front is left open to allow the hayrack to be filled from outside the stable.

The rack allows the horse to easily feed from the bottom by pulling the hay out through the bars which are set at a safe spacing to avoid injury. The rack does not extend all the way down to the floor, to facilitate easy cleaning out of the stable floor.

The Redweld Swivel Feeder is designed to be fitted into a stable front (lower panel). There is a quick release bolt on the outside of the stable, which secures the feeder in place when in use. It swivels right through 180 degrees to allow for easy replenishment, or cleaning without ever having to enter the stable.

Swivel feeders are hot-dip galvanised to prevent rust, and have drainage holes in the base to prevent build up of liquids. If you require swivel feeders, they need to be ordered at the time of ordering the stable fronts.


Internal Stables featuring in-built Hayracks